God gave us…Thought for the day…

A few years ago we had an old horse that wintered really hard. So the next year, we gave her supplements with her feed and when it was really cold or rainy we put a turn-out blanket on her to keep her warm and dry. You see…she couldn’t tell us anything was wrong but God gave us eyes to see. Eyes to see that she was losing weight. Eyes to see that she had a tiredness about her. So why…if God gave us eyes to see…is it so easy to look past a friend, a family member, or even a stranger who is struggling? They probably won’t tell us…but if we are looking, God gives us eyes to see. God also gave us a mouth. So why aren’t we whispering words of encouragement and raising our voices in prayer instead of gossiping? God also gave us arms. So why aren’t we wrapping them around someone to let them know that we care instead of holding them at arms length? God also gave us feet. So why aren’t we using them to carry us to someone who has lost their way instead of running from the situation? God also gave us hands. So why are we only using our fingers to point instead of using our hands to lift someone up? God also gave us knees. So why aren’t we on them praying for God’s guidance every single day? God also gave us a heart. So why are we filling it with hate, discontentment, jealousy, and deceit, instead of filling it with the love of God? We are the body of Christ. If we aren’t using all of our parts for His glory, then whose glory are we using them for?

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