We’re a Trainwreck… thought for the day…

If you saw a train tipped on its side…hovering above a bunch of children…being held up by only a few people…in the middle of a storm…what would you do? The people holding the train up are exhausted because not only are they holding up this huge train, but they are also putting out fires, shining lights to show others the way out, helping to patch up those that make it out, trying to tend to their own injuries, attempting to keep others from sliding under… all while trying to stand firm and working to set the train back on solid ground. Would you jump in & help? Would you decide it to be an impossible situation and walk away? Would you hesitate for fear of being hurt? Would you stand back, criticizing those who are trying so hard to help because you think they are doing wrong? Would you decide to leave it up to the professionals? I can’t imagine anyone walking away & not helping…or could I? People, WE are the church. And WE ARE a train wreck! God has blessed each and every person with a gift. Can you even imagine what WE the church…WE the body of Christ could accomplish if we put God first, took up our cross, and followed HIM?!? So Sunday morning when you wake up, instead of listening to one of the 4,726,937,927,275 excuses to NOT go to church that Satan will have readily available, remember that you can either listen to him & walk on by, or you can jump in and be a part of God’s amazing grace!

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