A Prayer for Unity

Dear gracious Heavenly Father, we stand before you, a broken and fallen nation. Where we call wrong right, and the good we call bad. We know that where You are, hate cannot exist, but here we are… a nation full of hate. I pray that tonight, as so many are enjoying freedoms that You have blessed us with, that we would all remember that although we are free to choose our own decisions and actions, we are not free from the consequences. I pray that YOUR Holy Spirit would light up our souls like fireworks lighting up even the darkest night. I pray that every knee would bend, every head would bow, and every heart would be turned to You. Because we know that until You enter a heart, hate and sin can still exist. And Lord we pray that this nation will truly be one nation under You. And in all things we give You the glory!! Amen! (Feel free to share this prayer…there is most definitely power in prayer!!’

The Healer…Thought for the day…

One morning a few years ago, we woke up to torn up fencing and two injured horses. Sometimes it takes a bad day to realize how blessed we are.

We went to the back pasture to try to doctor the injuries.

My horse came right to us knowing we had feed and that we were there to help her. The other horse was a little more cautious but still let us help her. But in that moment, she had two choices. She could have faith that we were there to help or she could run. She made the right choice.

We are all faced with that same choice in life. We can have faith in Jesus and go to Him or we can run. But only one choice takes us to the Healer.

Pulling Weeds…thought for the day…

Photo by Toni VanDeWiele

If you’ve ever worked in a garden or in flower beds, you’ve inevitably had to deal with weeds. What I have noticed is that where there are more weeds, it’s a lot harder to pull them out. They not only root, but all the roots as become tangled & inner-twined. The areas that are tended to regularly have fewer weeds and are easily pulled and tilled. Once as I was working on a particularly rough area that I had neglected for awhile, I became irritated at myself for letting it get so bad. I had simply allowed myself to get so busy that the weeds were trying to take over and if that had happened, we would have either had to give up completely or start all over on our garden. Fortunately, after several hours, it was all back under control. But how often do we get so busy with the things of this world that we don’t even notice when sin starts taking root in our life? And before we know it, the roots have tangled and what would have been easily removed has now turned into a messy, time consuming, problem that we either have to face head on or risk having the weeds take over. Don’t put God on the back burner. Don’t allow sin to take over and choke out the good fruit-bearing plants that God has placed in your life. Because it’s a whole lot easier to pull a few weeds than it is to start all over.

Prayer for the day….prayer for ALL days…

Ok…so let me begin by first saying that I’ve tried really really hard not to have any knee jerk reactions toward the state of the world and actions of the lost lately. Because even when we absolutely HATE the actions of some, we are still supposed to love them. And lately I absolutely HATE the actions of many….but my heart hurts for their souls. That being said, here is my prayer…

Dear Gracious Heavenly Father, I come to you tonight with a broken heart. Broken because of all the evil that I’ve seen in the world lately. Broken because I saw a lost man, surrounded by other lost men, take a life of another while nobody stopped him. A man that was supposed to serve and protect. He took a life that YOU created. Broken because I’ve seen many other lost and angry people lash out in their anger…and try to justify their sin by calling it protests. And while I understand their anger, I also understand that it’s ones reaction to the anger that they feel that reveals the condition of their heart. And while I realize that YOU are the only One qualified to judge them, I also know that the fruit that we produce reveals our heart. And LORD, I see so much bad fruit being produced by lost souls that I’m overwhelmed with grief for the massive absence of LOVE…the absence of YOU. LORD I pray tonight that YOUR HOLY SPIRIT would rain down and that every rioter, every protester, and yes…even every police officer that was involved with the brutal murder of YOUR child, would be completely emerged in YOUR living water. I pray that every knee would bow and every heart would be softened and healed. I pray that anger would be released with the knowledge that YOU will be the final and Just JUDGE of ALL actions! We will all be judged. None of our actions will go unpunished. Please LORD speak to the hearts as only YOU can. Speak the wisdom and knowledge that there are more amazingly good police officers than bad. Speak the wisdom that retaliation against the innocent for the sins of others make those retaliating no better than those they hate. Speak love so loudly that they cannot hear the lies that Satan is whispering in their ears. LORD I pray for YOUR whispers of love, YOUR hand of healing, and the comfort of knowing that YOU can and will take care of everything if only we would let YOU. Oh if only we could come together in prayer as powerfully as we can come together in hate! Oh if only we could so eagerly and readily extend forgiveness as we do malice. I do not hate anyone involved in any of these actions but oh how I hate the actions! Oh how I hate that your children continue to turn on each other instead of turning to each other. So tonight I pray for YOU! YOU are love. Perfect love. And YOU are the only ONE that can save us. YOU are the only ONE that can heal us. And YOU are the only ONE that can stop us from letting Satan destroy us. I pray that this prayer would spread faster than all of the hate in the world. I pray that this prayer would be cried out so loud that it would drown out Satan’s whispers. And in all things we give YOU the honor and the glory. AMEN!

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.
James 5:16 NKJV

There is so much power in prayer! Share this prayer or pray your own but please, please, please pray for this world!

Enter At a Full Gallop…thought for the day…


(Throwback to 2014)

My hubby moved our horses to a new place today. Four of them loaded into the trailer fine but one gave him all kinds of trouble. Four of them have been loaded and unloaded pretty often. They know what to expect & that they will be safe and protected. The other one has only been hauled a couple of times. And the last time was several years ago. All she knew is that she was perfectly happy in her pasture eating grass and that she didn’t want to go into that metal noisy thing. What she didn’t realize was that the place that she was going had more grass, a bigger pond, and that she would be much happier there. I think that becoming a Christian is kind of like that. We might agree to put the halter on but when Jesus starts pulling on us we have a tendency to set back & dig our hooves in. But every time we give in & go where He leads us, we find that there is a blessing waiting for us. And eventually we quit pulling on the lead rope as hard. And hopefully by the time we head home & see those pearly gates, we’re at a full gallop.

Flowers of Faith


Spring’s abloom with flowers of faith!! On this 24th day I’ve been thinking about negative people. I know we are all negative at times but honestly…if we all stopped & thought about how blessed we are, we would never complain again. The communities that we complain about living in, are the same communities that come to our aid when we lose a loved one or suffer a tragedy. The jobs that we complain about, are the jobs that pay our mortgages, car payments, food and clothing. The groceries that we complain are too expensive are readily available, while there are countries where entire communities could live for a year on what we waste in a week. We are given everything that we need by the grace of God but we complain because we WANT more. We don’t need it but we want it. We are all guilty. What we need to remember is that we have to trust and thank God for allowing us to have what we do and realize that when we complain, what we are actually doing is criticizing HIS blessings. We need to humble ourselves before God and praise HIM in the sunshine and in the rain. And when we do that, flowers if faith will bloom!

Who’s Doing the Talking? Thought For The Day…

A while back, a man said to me, “You need to go back to work if you don’t have anything better to do than sit around and post your thoughts on Facebook”. He said it jokingly but it nagged at me. Then I noticed that all of the thoughts that had come so easily to me just weren’t coming anymore. I started worrying about what people thought of me. Did they think I had become one of those radical religious people? So finally one day I stopped thinking about what everybody thought and prayed for God to tell me what to do. He spoke to my heart and this is a summary of what He told me. He wants all of His people to witness and spread His Word. My husband can talk to anyone. That is his gift. I am not gifted in that way. Some people can sing praises that stirs the Holy Spirit within you. I am not gifted in that way. Some can stand and say a prayer that will break even the most hardened heart. I am not gifted in that way. But I can write the thoughts that God gives me. That is my gift. And if the words that I write touch one person, then that is all that matters. Satan can use the most innocent of ways to place doubt on you. So when you begin to doubt yourself, ask yourself, “where did the doubt come from?” If it in any way hinders you from doing God’s will, then it didn’t come from Him. Always always always be discerning of who is speaking to you. IT MATTERS!

Flowers of Faith


Spring’s abloom with flowers of faith!! On this 18th day of May, I’ve been thinking about people’s perception of one another. Basically it boils down to this: If you want people to have a certain perception of you, then you have to live your life that way. Actions speak louder than words. You can shout to the heavens all day long that you are a good Christian & whine til the cows come home about being wrongly judged but if you ain’t livin’ it…you’re not portraying it. So…my flower of faith to you is that if you want your light to shine, you’re gonna have to step out of the darkness to let it!

Flowers of Faith

Spring’s abloom with flowers of faith!! On this 4th day of May, I’ve been thinking about how all people worship something. You can probably look at your check book or weekly schedule and see what it is. And sometimes we worship things and don’t even realize that we’re doing it. Evaluate your life. If there is anything in it that is getting between you and your relationship with God, then there needs to be an adjustment made. Not all things are sinful but anything that you put before God is. I’m learning that evaluating & adjusting often is the only way to keep God first & even with constant attention, I still fail far too often. That’s my flower of faith to you today. Evaluate and adjust so that God is always first.

April showers of blessings!!

On this 30th and final day of April, I think it would probably be easier to count grains of sand under the sea than to count all my many blessings. I may not have some of the things that others consider blessings but I have God’s mercy and grace, the love of a good husband and 2 amazing, beautiful daughters….and although my blessings go far beyond these things, if all I had was God’s forgiveness, I would still have all I need. Praying that all accept this same blessing because it is available and has already been paid for through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Whose Opinion Matters… Thought for the day.

I’m pretty sure that God can form His own opinions of others without any input from me and I’m also pretty sure that the only attention that He gives to gossip is to take note of who is spreading it rather than who it’s about. I think too often we take the condemnation of others or worse….our own self condemnation…which truth be told usually comes straight from Satan…and we accept it as the truth but yet we ignore God’s opinion of us. Just because the people of this world can’t forgive or forget doesn’t mean that God can’t. God is willing to forgive anything as long as we come to Him with a humble heart and ask. But too often I see people write themselves off because they have made mistakes. I did it for years. Satan told me that my sins were unforgivable because I knew better….but in reality God was always there…arms open…waiting on me to come to Him.

April showers of blessings!!

On this 22nd day, I’m blessed that although my couch and ottoman are covered with folded laundry, we have plenty to wear. And even though I still have dishes in the sink from last night, we have plenty to eat. And even though we never have enough time to spend with everyone we would like to, we have friends and family that we love and miss. And although my to-do lists never get complete before more is added to them and I often feel overwhelmed and stressed about getting it all done, I have an amazing life. THANK YOU JESUS FOR EVERYTHING!!!

April showers of blessings!!

On this 21st day, I feel blessed to know that I NEED to have my toes stepped on! I fear that too many people are attracted to preachers that sugar coat everything and don’t tell you what you need to hear. If a preacher is preaching nothing but rainbows and happiness and never tells you about the consequences of sin, then you need a new preacher! And if you walk around in a bubble, continually sinning while praising God for your “blessings” and spewing the “don’t judge me because Jesus didn’t judge” excuse….then you better break open your bible because while you are right that Jesus came not to judge but to save…you need to know that we will all absolutely will be judged by God almighty! Whew! I’m on fire tonight !!! And if I stepped on any toes…your welcome;) Hopefully someday you’ll thank me for it & if it makes you feel any better mine get stepped on all the time…lol.

April Showers of Blessings!!!

On this 17th day, I’m so thankful for God’s blessing of forgiveness. If you’re wandering thru life like I was for many years thinking, “I’m a decent person, God wouldn’t send me to Hell” then you need to be aware that God does not send you to Hell. Your sins do. We are ALL headed to Hell unless we make the one and only choice that can save us. Jesus is the only One that can save you. He loves you and allows you to make your own choices…right or wrong. So if you “think” you’ll be ok…if you “think” you’ve been saved…if you don’t KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt and if you can’t feel the love of God inside of you, then my advise would be to pray until you KNOW! And if you think you’re too far gone to deserve God’s love and forgiveness, then you should also know that NOBODY deserves it but It was made available to everyone thru the blood of Jesus Christ. Nobody is so good that they don’t need it and nobody is so bad that they can’t have it.

April showers of blessings!!

On this 16th day, I’m blessed that I have love in my heart. Of all the gifts that God could give, none of them are any good if you do not have love in your heart. I’m going to ask a special prayer request for those that seem to have lost the love. We all know someone. Someone that seems angry at everyone all of the time even though he or she has a loving family, nice home, and good job. He or she may have even had a relationship with God at one time but seem to have strayed from it. Pray with me that he or she finds their way back to God.