Prayer for the day….prayer for ALL days…

Ok…so let me begin by first saying that I’ve tried really really hard not to have any knee jerk reactions toward the state of the world and actions of the lost lately. Because even when we absolutely HATE the actions of some, we are still supposed to love them. And lately I absolutely HATE the actions of many….but my heart hurts for their souls. That being said, here is my prayer…please pray it with me…

Dear Gracious Heavenly Father, I come to you tonight with a broken heart. Broken because of all the evil that I’ve seen in the world lately. Broken because I’ve seen many lost and angry people lash out in their anger…and try to justify their sin by calling it protests. And while I understand their anger, I also understand that it’s one’s reaction to the anger that they feel that reveals the condition of their heart. And while I realize that YOU are the only One qualified to judge them, I also know that the fruit that we produce reveals our heart. And LORD, I see so much bad fruit being produced by lost souls that I’m overwhelmed with grief for the massive absence of LOVE…the absence of YOU. LORD I pray tonight that YOUR HOLY SPIRIT would rain down and that every rioter, every protester, and yes…every politician, would be completely emerged in YOUR living water. I pray that every knee would bow and every heart would be softened and healed. I pray that anger would be released with the knowledge that YOU will be the final and Just JUDGE of ALL actions! We will all be judged. None of our actions will go unpunished. Please LORD speak to the hearts as only YOU can. Speak the wisdom and knowledge that there are more amazingly good in this countey than bad. Speak the wisdom that retaliation against the innocent for the sins of others make those retaliating no better than those they hate. Speak love so loudly that they cannot hear the lies that Satan is whispering in their ears. LORD I pray for YOUR whispers of love, YOUR hand of healing, and the comfort of knowing that YOU can and will take care of everything if only we would let YOU. Oh if only we could come together in prayer as powerfully as we can come together in hate! Oh if only we could so eagerly and readily extend forgiveness as we do malice. I do not hate anyone involved in any of these actions but oh how I hate the actions! Oh how I hate that your children continue to turn on each other instead of turning to each other. So tonight I pray for YOU! YOU are love. Perfect love. And YOU are the only ONE that can save us. YOU are the only ONE that can heal us. And YOU are the only ONE that can stop us from letting Satan destroy us. I pray that this prayer would spread faster than all of the hate in the world. I pray that this prayer would be cried out so loud that it would drown out Satan’s whispers. And in all things we give YOU the honor and the glory. AMEN!

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.
James 5:16 NKJV

There is so much power in prayer! Share this prayer or pray your own but please, please, please pray for this world!

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