Our Choice, Our Eternity…Thought For The Day

If Jesus had a Facebook account and He posted, “I’m coming to take my children home tomorrow. If you want to come with me, like this status today.”…how many people would like it? It would probably get more likes than anything in Facebook history. But what if He posted it at 11:59 pm and nobody noticed the date and time? They would probably still keep liking and sharing the post, not realizing that they were too late. Here’s the thing. Jesus is not going to post that. He’s not going to give you another head’s up. He gave us one when He left His word with us. He has given us all the warnings that we need. He’s given us every opportunity to choose Him. So it’s not a question of, “Why would such a loving God send us to hell?”…it’s a question of, “Why would we choose hell over such a loving God?” Our choice…our eternity.

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