A Prayer for Unity

Dear gracious Heavenly Father, we stand before you, a broken and fallen nation. Where we call wrong right, and the good we call bad. We know that where You are, hate cannot exist, but here we are… a nation full of hate. I pray that tonight, as so many are enjoying freedoms that You have blessed us with, that we would all remember that although we are free to choose our own decisions and actions, we are not free from the consequences. I pray that YOUR Holy Spirit would light up our souls like fireworks lighting up even the darkest night. I pray that every knee would bend, every head would bow, and every heart would be turned to You. Because we know that until You enter a heart, hate and sin can still exist. And Lord we pray that this nation will truly be one nation under You. And in all things we give You the glory!! Amen! (Feel free to share this prayer…there is most definitely power in prayer!!’

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