My Sunday Prayer…

Photo by Toni VanDeWiele

Heavenly Father, I come to You thankful for this glorious nation that You have allowed me to grow up in. But I also come to You ashamed at how we as a nation have failed You. We have allowed laws and personal desires to override Your Holy Word. We have allowed greed and dishonesty to run rampant. We teach our children to do their best in school, in sports, in activities…..but we fail to teach them about You. We do whatever it takes to get ahead instead of doing what is right and relying on You to fill our needs. We look to preachers who preach happy, feel-good messages, and wait to see what YOU are going to do for US instead of asking what WE can do for YOU. We may occasionally occupy a seat in Your house on Sunday but then we’re back to cussing and gossiping on Monday. We elect officials based on how we will benefit from their election instead of electing someone who will rely on You for guidance. We take a bad situation and make it worse by rioting, looting, and injuring others. We help ourselves every chance we get but how often do we help others? We condemn others for their sins but don’t see our own. We busy ourselves with our spouse, our kids, our home, with every activity that we can possibly sign up for…we’re always telling everyone that will listen about how busy we are…we are so busy that usually the first thing that we cut out of our schedule is You. We are prideful and we are boastful to the point that we allow it to separate us from loved ones. We harbor anger and un-forgiveness and hope that “karma” will catch up with our enemies…and sometimes even friends…instead of asking You to help them and us by changing our hearts. We are an ungodly, sinful people. And despite all of our failures, and all of our despicable behavior, You still love us. You are still waiting for us to turn back to You. You haven’t taken down Your hedge of protection. We have walked away from it. You haven’t left us. We have left You. So I pray today that this amazing nation that You created will find its way back to You. Because if we aren’t serving You, we are serving Satan. And I pray that everyone who reads this will choose You. All glory be to God! Amen.

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