Pain Killer…Thought for the day…

Why is it that so many want this world until they get it and then they expect God to save them from it? And not just once…but time and time again. They make choices that they believe will benefit them without so much as a thought about whether or not it’s God’s Will…or if they do think about God, they twist everything around to convince themselves that it is His Will….and then when it all falls apart, they’re back to praying for His mercy again. Now…I would love to say that I’ve never done this, but that would be a lie. But what I will say, is that once I accepted Jesus as my savior, it has been soooo much easier to seek God’s Will before I screw up than it is to seek Him after I go with my own will. But too often I see people trying to use God in their life just like they use aspirin. When the pain gets bad, suddenly they need Him. Maybe instead of looking to Him to kill the pain, they should look to Him as the water that they have to have daily to survive.

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