The Struggle is Real…Thought for the day.

I have really been struggling with compassion and works lately. Compassion is something we all deal with at some point but I believe that God expects His children to be compassionate towards one another. I don’t believe that it means that you condone sin or allow people to walk all over you, but I believe that God wants us to have a compassionate heart. You see…you can unintentionally hurt or wrong someone, but if you feel no compassion for what you’ve done, then you have not only hurt them, but you have also tarnished your testimony even if it was unintended. I once thought that one of my “works” for God was trying to get people to come to church with me. I have since realized that although I believe attending church is important for many reasons including that it is God’s desire for us to do so, it’s much more important to get people to God and then hopefully God will lead them to the church He wants them to attend. And if it isn’t the church I go to, that’s ok as long as they are worshipping God and His Word. I believe that denominations are helpful in finding the type of worship that you are drawn to, however, I also believe that denominations are a division in beliefs and can cause a sort of competition between churches. And if the competition to fill seats becomes greater than the desire to fill hearts with the Holy Spirit, then works are dead and compassion is lost.

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