Apples To Apples…Thought for the day.

We all like to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I like to look around & see a clean house after I’ve worked all day cleaning. I like to hear people compliment my children on good behavior when they are being sweet and respectful. I like how excited Todd gets when I’ve cooked a big yummy meal. But then there are times when I look at someone else’s accomplishments & feel like a complete failure. But God does not want us to compare the fruit that we bear to someone else’s. Because it’s not about how much fruit we bear, it’s about whether we are bearing good fruit or bad fruit. It’s about who we are bearing the fruit for. Are we bearing it for ourselves so we can feel some sort of validation? Are we bearing it for the world to please others? Or are we bearing it for God and for His glory? We may not always be able to see the fruit that we bear for God, but we will also never be burdened by the weight of it when we bear it for Him.

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