Love is in the air…but God’s love is EVERYWHERE!!!!

On this 28th day, I LOVE that I never run out of things to love and that God never runs out of love for me!! Just as Jesus knew that Peter would deny Him 3 times, He knows that we will fail Him before we even do. So what should we do when we fail? Should we throw in the towel and live our lives as heathens because nothing we do could ever right our wrongs? No!! It’s not that we fail…it’s how we handle & deal with that failure. God would rather us fall to our knees, admit our failure & ask for His mercy. When this happens is when He forgives us and tells us to go and sin no more. He doesn’t want us to glory in our sin…shifting blame to everyone but ourself.. ..continually & repetitively repeating sins over and over and then using the fact that He loves us to try to convince others that our sins are ok. God loves EVERYONE and is willing to save everyone who is willing to accept His salvation. God doesn’t send us to hell….He saves us from it. Because no matter how we want to sugar coat it, that’s where we are all headed unless we accept His gift of salvation.

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