Love is in the air….but God’s love is EVERYWHERE!!!

On this 27th day I love how God has transformed me!!! Hopefully it’s obvious to everyone but hopefully even more so by those who knew me when I was simply a sinner. I’m still a sinner but a sinner saved by the Grace of God. A sinner that tries every day to live for God. A sinner that falls short but through God’s unending mercy and grace, continues on the narrow path. A sinner that tries to plant seeds of faith. A sinner that tries to put God first, my husband and my family second. And a sinner that puts on God’s armor every day to guard against Satan’s attempt to steal my joy by telling me that they are contained in things or in people. You and happiness are not dependent upon people, things, or circumstances. They are internally dependent on your relationship with the Father and cannot be stolen as long as you don’t allow them to be. I know this because I was and still am a sinner by nature. Difference is now my eyes are open and I’m a sinner saved by the grace of God.

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