Who Are You Trying To Fool?…Thought For The Day

Fair warning….this one’s gonna hurt. But if it makes you feel any better, it hurt me too…

We all have them. That one or two relatives or acquaintances that we never hear from until they need something or their kids are selling something. And truth be known…sometimes we are that person. And what’s worse, is when you go to them for something and they don’t help you. We end up frustrated and angry because we have been there for them yet they are so self centered that they only think of themselves.

How do you think God feels?

He is there for us all the time. He supplies our every need. Cares for us. Loves us. And what do we do for Him? We claim to be Christians but we would rather fish, sleep, play ball, sleep, mow our yard, golf….anything than to go to His house and glorify Him on His day. And even if we do make it to church on Sunday, we can usually find our bible…God’s holy word…laying in the same place we put it last Sunday. Oh sometimes we’ll say that we worship privately. Well that’s fine as long as it’s true. But how often do we say it and then never even speak His name? Have you opened your bible this week? I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t opened mine. How often do we say we’ll pray for somebody and then never give it another thought. Sometimes the hardest person for us to he honest with is ourselves. Problem is, we might be able to fool others…we can even fool ourselves…but we can’t fool God.

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