Love is in the air…but God’s love is EVERYWHERE!!

On this 24th day, I LOVE how even though, I have a relationship with God and can feel Him moving in my life no matter where I am, that when I am in His house, I can feel His spirit wash over me even stronger. I cannot imagine trying to maintain my relationship with Him without spending time in His house worshiping and giving Him praise and glory. I know I have His holiness in me no matter where I am but spending time in His house is like fuel for my soul that gets me through the week. I absolutely hate that I missed yesterday because my daughter and I are both sick. I somehow feel incomplete when I miss church. God doesn’t want us there to occupy time or warm a pew. He wants us there to worship, praise, fellowship, and do His work & bring Him the glory. He died on the cross for me. I intend to live for Him.

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