A Mother’s Day Blessing…thought for the day…

While I know it’s a day early, I also know that we will be crazy busy tomorrow so I want to say happy mothers say to all the moms, mom-in-laws, step-moms, grand moms, single dads that are moms too, aunts that are like moms, mothers in Christ, adoptive moms, and anyone else who has put a child’s needs or desires before her or his own. For all those who are there for a child…not when it’s convenient…but when they have a million other things they need to do but nothing more important than being there for that child. For everyone that loves and cares for not only a child’s earthly needs but guides them on the path to righteousness because they know that it is truly the most important part of life. For all those who have not simply accepted an obligation but rather rose to the challenge and enthusiastically put their best effort into one of the most important tasks that God could ever bless us with! May God bless you all this Mother’s Day!

We’re a Trainwreck… thought for the day…

If you saw a train tipped on its side…hovering above a bunch of children…being held up by only a few people…in the middle of a storm…what would you do? The people holding the train up are exhausted because not only are they holding up this huge train, but they are also putting out fires, shining lights to show others the way out, helping to patch up those that make it out, trying to tend to their own injuries, attempting to keep others from sliding under… all while trying to stand firm and working to set the train back on solid ground. Would you jump in & help? Would you decide it to be an impossible situation and walk away? Would you hesitate for fear of being hurt? Would you stand back, criticizing those who are trying so hard to help because you think they are doing wrong? Would you decide to leave it up to the professionals? I can’t imagine anyone walking away & not helping…or could I? People, WE are the church. And WE ARE a train wreck! God has blessed each and every person with a gift. Can you even imagine what WE the church…WE the body of Christ could accomplish if we put God first, took up our cross, and followed HIM?!? So Sunday morning when you wake up, instead of listening to one of the 4,726,937,927,275 excuses to NOT go to church that Satan will have readily available, remember that you can either listen to him & walk on by, or you can jump in and be a part of God’s amazing grace!

Flowers of Faith

Spring’s abloom with flowers of faith!! On this 10th day of May, I’ve been reading all the Mother’s Day statuses and opening all the sweet gifts my girls made at school for me and thinking about what it means to be a mom. God did not bless me with these girls just to have someone to love & hang out with. He put them in my care & gave me the responsibility of teaching them His word, right from wrong, self respect, self worth, respect for others, and to love and care for them as only a mommy can. And while I enjoy playing with them, watching their extra-curricular activities, shopping with them, etc…. I would rather they know God than how to make a basket, throw a curve ball, or coordinate the perfect outfit. Lord I pray that I never forget to guide our children according to Your will and that I live my life as an example. This is my prayer…and my flower of faith, to all the mom’s out there 😊

Shelter from the storm…thought for the day…

Have you ever noticed that we never worry much about having a tornado shelter or storm closet until the weather gets really bad even though we know it’s the safest place to be? When the sirens sound, it’s too late. If we haven’t taken the time to build a storm shelter, then we don’t have a safe place to go. Isn’t it the same with God? We sometimes forget to seek His shelter until the storm hits. But even during storms, His mercy and grace are available to us immediately. All we have to do is ask. No appointments…no installation fees…just immediate forgiveness… free of charge. The problem is, not all of life’s storms come with a warning siren. Some hit fast and without warning. So the question is…do we prepare for the storm before it hits, or do we take our chances and hope that we get a warning? If you chance it and you’re wrong, it will cost you everything. If you accept Jesus and repent of your sins, you will still have storms but you will receive an eternity of blessings and never ending shelter from the storm.

Flowers of Faith

Spring’s abloom with flowers of faith!! On this 8th day, I worry about how some just can’t seem to grasp the importance of certain situations. And then I think about the shape our world is in & realize that there are soooo many that don’t see that, at the moment of Christ’a return, it’s too late. He wants us to choose Him now because at some point wether it be our death or His return, then we are out of time. I don’t think a twinkling of an eye is enough time for repentance. So that’s my flower of faith to you today. If you died today….which direction would you go? And if you’re not sure or you “think” you know…if you’re not absolutely positive….you better do some serious thinking.

Flowers of Faith

(Flashback from 2013)

Spring’s abloom with flowers of faith!! On this 7th day of May, I’ve been thinking about how when I drive to work most mornings, I say a little prayer. Monday I had a feeling it was going to be a rough week and prayed a little harder than usual asking God to guide my actions, thoughts, and decisions. And thank goodness because although its only Tuesday, I’ve already had more stress than I usually have in an entire month! But He has not left me. In fact, He has carried me through. So when you feel a little voice telling you to say an extra prayer, it is actually God saying, “Ask Me. I can do all things.”

That is my flower of faith for you today. Never quench the Holy Spirit when He is telling you to pray and to lay your burdens on the Father.

Flowers of Faith

Spring’s abloom with flowers of faith!! On this 4th day of May, I’ve been thinking about how all people worship something. You can probably look at your check book or weekly schedule and see what it is. And sometimes we worship things and don’t even realize that we’re doing it. Evaluate your life. If there is anything in it that is getting between you and your relationship with God, then there needs to be an adjustment made. Not all things are sinful but anything that you put before God is. I’m learning that evaluating & adjusting often is the only way to keep God first & even with constant attention, I still fail far too often. That’s my flower of faith to you today. Evaluate and adjust so that God is always first.