April Shower of Blessings…Thought for the day…

Although I’m thankful for so many things every day, I can honestly say that I never thank God enough for all of my many blessings. So on this day, which has seemingly been a disaster since I woke up, I thought it appropriate to begin this month with a thankful heart. So today, I’m thankful for bad days, because without them I wouldn’t fully appreciate the good ones. I’m thankful for tears because if I didn’t shed them, then it would mean that my heart had hardened. And I’m thankful most of all for God because I know that no matter how bad things get, He is always right there with me showing me the good when I can’t seem to find it for myself. Because even on my worst day….I have more blessings than I could ever deserve. But all that doesn’t mean that sometimes I’m not also really thankful when day is almost over…but it does mean that I’m so very thankful when I wake up and God has blessed me with a whole new day.

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