A Mother’s Day Blessing…thought for the day…

While I know it’s a day early, I also know that we will be crazy busy tomorrow so I want to say happy mothers say to all the moms, mom-in-laws, step-moms, grand moms, single dads that are moms too, aunts that are like moms, mothers in Christ, adoptive moms, and anyone else who has put a child’s needs or desires before her or his own. For all those who are there for a child…not when it’s convenient…but when they have a million other things they need to do but nothing more important than being there for that child. For everyone that loves and cares for not only a child’s earthly needs but guides them on the path to righteousness because they know that it is truly the most important part of life. For all those who have not simply accepted an obligation but rather rose to the challenge and enthusiastically put their best effort into one of the most important tasks that God could ever bless us with! May God bless you all this Mother’s Day!

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