Flowers of Faith

Spring’s abloom with flowers of faith!! On this 10th day of May, I’ve been reading all the Mother’s Day statuses and opening all the sweet gifts my girls made at school for me and thinking about what it means to be a mom. God did not bless me with these girls just to have someone to love & hang out with. He put them in my care & gave me the responsibility of teaching them His word, right from wrong, self respect, self worth, respect for others, and to love and care for them as only a mommy can. And while I enjoy playing with them, watching their extra-curricular activities, shopping with them, etc…. I would rather they know God than how to make a basket, throw a curve ball, or coordinate the perfect outfit. Lord I pray that I never forget to guide our children according to Your will and that I live my life as an example. This is my prayer…and my flower of faith, to all the mom’s out there 😊

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