Who are you pointing at? Thought for the day…

Have you ever noticed that when someone else is doing something wrong, that your fingers automatically point at them? It’s odd especially since when YOU’ve done something that you think is right, those same fingers point at yourself. I know this because for some reason, God put my fingers an arms length away so that it’s pretty easy for me to see which direction they are pointing. He’s tricky like that…lol. Unfortunately, although they are easily in my eyesight, and although He made my body with the perfect combination of muscles, nerves, joints, bones, tendons, and everything else that make me physically capable of controlling my movements….I still have trouble controlling those silly fingers. (Don’t even get me started on controlling my tongue…one body part at a time…lol). The fact is that when I see someone on the wrong path, I need to pray for them. And when I’ve done something good, I need to give God the glory because He is the one that did it through me. In other words….it’s ok to point your fingers in all situations….as long as they’re pointing to God.

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