Flowers of Faith

Springs abloom with flowers of faith!! On this 2nd day of May, I’ve been thinking about how it’s so important for Christians to wear their armor of God every single minute of every day. Seems like there is always someone just waiting for Christians to mess up so they can validate their excuse for not going to church with “those hypocrites”. I saw a saying a couple of weeks ago that I thought said it pretty well. It said that church is not a museum for saints, but rather a hospital for sinners. I go to church because I need spiritual fuel to get me thru the week…to be surrounded by other Christians who love and support me…to worship my Lord and Savior…but mainly because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m a sinner and that the only difference between me and anyone who is not a Christian is that I am saved by the blood of Jesus. And here’s something to think about…if you allow a “hypocrite” to stand between you and God, they are closer to God than you are….

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