Thought for the day…

We all want to get ahead in life but what we fail to ask ourselves is, ‘Which life is it more important to get ahead in?  Our temporary life here on earth or our life with our Father in heaven?’ I was watching a game a while back & overheard a mom getting upset because one of the players wasn’t playing by the rules.  Eventually she was upset enough that she told her son that if the other kid wasn’t going to play right then he shouldn’t either. This has really nagged at me. In essence, she basically told her kid that it’s ok to cheat if someone else is.  Let me be clear that I’m not judging her. And if I’m being completely honest….I was tempted to tell my kid the same thing. That is one of the things that has gone so wrong in the world today. The world has set in place its own moral guidelines & so many people have accepted them regardless of whether or not they align with the bible’s moral guidelines.  I know this because the world used to be my moral compass. I was a “good person” because I was basically a nice person & had never murdered anyone. Fact was & still is that sin is sin & I was a sinner & still am. Only difference is that now I’m a forgiven sinner saved by the grace of God. So when we’re guiding our children…even when we feel someone else may not be doing what’s right…we need to make a huge effort to teach our child the right moral path…not according to what the world says…but according to what the WORD says.

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