Thought for the day…

I was cleaning house the other day & noticed that my breakfast table & chairs had dust on the legs.  Now when I was working 40+ hours a week, this is something I would have filed in the “I’ll do it when I have more time” folder & went on about my rat killing (That’s an old southern term so don’t panic! No rats were actually harmed…lol).  There were so many things that I filed because I was just too busy to do them. I made time for work…as much time as I could with my family….a little time with friends…and then of course all the things that I thought ‘had’ to be done.  But how much did I file away for later? Discipline would occasionally get thrown in there because I was too tired to make my kids mind. Reading anything, even my bible got tossed in there. Teaching my girls to cook, clean, monetary responsibility… all filed away.  Much needed time with God in prayer, in worship, in praise…all filed away. The thing is, once it’s filed away, you never have enough time to clean out the file. So what I finally realized, is that the problem wasn’t just my filing system. It was also my time management & priorities.  Yes I’ve given up many things that I used to enjoy. But I don’t miss them. My priorities are God, Todd, girls, family, friends, and then everything else. In that order! And amazingly, now that I’ve cleaned the dust out of my life, I have more time to clean the dust off the furniture.

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