Get Your Head Out!…Thought for the day.

Went out to feed the horses yesterday. All but one came up as soon as they heard us. So we fed the ones that came up and headed out to look for the one that didn’t. We finally found her all the way at the back of our property. She had found a patch of grass back there & was content burrowing her nose through the snow to eat it. I thought, “You silly horse”! Little did she know that I had a big bucket of yummy feed and half a bale of fresh hay for her. She was missing out on the good stuff because she thought she had found something better. Once she realized what I had to offer, she forgot all about that snowy patch of grass. But aren’t we all pretty silly sometimes. We wander away from God because Satan tells us that we can find something better somewhere else when all along, God has the good stuff and will give us everything we need if only we could just keep our noses out of places they don’t belong and our eyes on Him.

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