If It Ain’t On Fire, Don’t Try To Put it Out….thought for the day

Do we go buy a fire extinguisher AFTER our house is already on fire? Do we put on our seat belt AFTER we have already crashed our car? Do we put on a life-jacket after we have already drowned? NO we don’t!! We do all of these things before tragedy strikes. Not after. So why do we wait until our marriage is in turmoil before we start working on it? My husband and I are part of a couple’s bible study. I view it as a type of vitamin boost to our marriage. Not because we’re having trouble…because we’re not…but because we don’t want to have trouble. We realize that we are 2 broken people but we want to be broken together. We don’t want to look back and say, “If only we had worked on our marriage…” Marriage is a sacred bond, ordained by God, and, IF SEALED BY God’s protection, can NOT be broken. But we have to ask God’s protection over it and continue to maintain it. It’s when we neglect it that Satan finds an opening to creep in. So I’m encouraging you…don’t wait until there is a fire, invest in your marriage now. And if it’s too late for your marriage, ask God if it’s really too late or if that is just Satan whispering in your ear. Because it ain’t over until God says it is!

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