The Power in No Power…thought for the day…

Thought for the day. Sometimes I think ice storms and other natural disasters serve as a lesson to show us that we are absolutely powerless and that God is in control. We’ve gotten to the point that electricity, hot water, and phones are necessities instead of conveniences. But when it is all stripped away, God is our only true necessity. And If we serve Him, He will provide for our real needs. Remembering a small ice storm we had about 6 years ago and I was so proud of how my girls handled the loss of power. They wrote stories, put puzzles together, acted out plays, and managed to not fight or kill each other whenever I had to go out to take care of all our critters. That night I was so thankful for the reminder that God is in control. I remember also being very thankful that it was only a 24 hour lesson…lol.

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