It’s God…Thought for the Day…

When you live in a small town, you may not KNOW everyone but you’re acquainted with nearly everyone. You might see them at the store, drive by their house during your daily routine, attend some of the same sports activities or school functions, etc. So it’s not uncommon for them to cross your mind. But when they are on your heart and mind because you know they have been having a rough time….it’s God.

It’s God when you suddenly feel the need to pray for someone you’ve never even really spoken to. It’s God when you find yourself posting scriptures on Facebook and praying that they read them and that it eases some of their burden. It’s God when you want nothing more than to let them know that God hasn’t forsaken them. It’s God.

So if you are reading this and thinking to yourself that nothing in your life seems to be going right…you need to also realize that the God of the universe…the God that lived so that He could die….so that we could live….that very same God has placed you…yes you… on the mind and on the heart of someone who barely even knows you. That very same God has heard every prayer, seen every tear, and loves you more than you could even comprehend or imagine.

So as you lay your head down tonight, know that you have been prayed for and that you are loved.

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