Him Over Sin…Thought for the Day

Why do I go to church? Why doesn’t another? Do I go to be fulfilled? Do I go to see what I can get? Do I go because of anything I can contribute? And does another NOT to because they don’t think they’ll get anything from it? Or because they are too busy? Too tired? Doesn’t like ‘those hypocrites’ down there? NO! They may not realize it, but they don’t go because they feel guilty. Why do they feel guilty? Because they have sin in their lives. But I’ll let you in on a little secret if you won’t tell anyone…I have sin in my life too. And rather than that keeping me from church…it draws me there. God will forgive me of my sins wherever I am when I ask him. But I go to church…to God’s house…to praise Him and to thank Him for that forgiveness…for that GRACE! We are ALL sinners. But when you accept Christ as your Savior and ask His forgiveness, then you start learning and the Holy Spirit starts guiding you as to what sin is. And when you sin, you feel guilt. And when you ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven and that guilt is removed. And then, as a child of God, you pray for God to help you to keep from repeating that sin. You wake up every day and try to walk in God’s light and not falter. But when you do, you ask His forgiveness again. And amazingly…He forgives you again. But He does expect us to choose. We choose between a life of sin and a life of Him. If we continually choose the same sin over and over…then we are not choosing Him.

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