Whose Opinion Matters… Thought for the day.

I’m pretty sure that God can form His own opinions of others without any input from me and I’m also pretty sure that the only attention that He gives to gossip is to take note of who is spreading it rather than who it’s about. I think too often we take the condemnation of others or worse….our own self condemnation…which truth be told usually comes straight from Satan…and we accept it as the truth but yet we ignore God’s opinion of us. Just because the people of this world can’t forgive or forget doesn’t mean that God can’t. God is willing to forgive anything as long as we come to Him with a humble heart and ask. But too often I see people write themselves off because they have made mistakes. I did it for years. Satan told me that my sins were unforgivable because I knew better….but in reality God was always there…arms open…waiting on me to come to Him.

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