Under Cover…~ Thought for the Day ~

We were driving around the other day and saw four deer next to a tree line. They immediately ran into the woods and out of sight. Nearly every time I see deer, they are hanging close to a tree line so that the least little sound or the first sign of trouble, they can dart under cover. But there are other animals that stay in plain sight. Our horses for example. They hang out in plain sight all day long. In fact, when they see us or hear us, they might run, but it’s to us instead of away from us. They know us, they trust us, and they know we can give them what they need. When I made the choice to walk with Christ, I spent a lot of years hanging close to the tree line. But the thing is, there’s more danger in the darkness than there is out in the open. I don’t want to be a deer, darting into the cover of darkness. In fact, the only running I want to do, is toward God and the only cover I want is under His wing of protection because I know Him, I trust Him, and He is the ONLY one who can give me what I need.

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