Will You Drink?…Thought for the Day…

The word ‘to’ and the word ‘in’ have a lot in common. It’s been awhile but if memory serves me correctly, they are both prepositions, they’re both used frequently, they both consist of two letters, and I’m sure they have many other similarities. But they are also very different. If you were wandering aimlessly and you were dying of thirst, you could go ‘to’ the water or you could go ‘in’ they water. ‘To’ gets you close. You may even be close enough that you can describe the water to others. Tell them how good it is for them. Maybe even show them the way to the water….but unless you’re willing to make that last little bit of effort, you won’t be ‘in’ the water. And unless your lips are actually ‘in’ the water, you can be right next to it and still die of thirst. I said all that to say this…you can go ‘to’ Christ and remain there until you breathe your last breath but unless you are ‘in’ Christ and He is ‘in’ you, you will die of thirst. The dead ‘in’ Christ shall rise! But the dead ‘to’ Christ….He never knew. So I guess my question is, will you drink?

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