Praise Him in This Storm…Thought for the Day…

For the last several Sundays, at the end of the day, I have looked at Todd & said, “This has just been an amazing day!” Sunday has always been one of my favorite days of the week so it’s not overly surprising that I would say that. It just seems that lately they have been even better than normal. So I began to ponder why they have been making such an impression on me. It’s not the weather because in Arkansas, the weather can easily vary 40 degrees in either direction with anything from snow to hail to rain to gusting winds to blistering sunshine…all in the same week…lol. It’s not the sermon because although I love it when I get to hear it, I’ve been in Children’s Church the last couple of weeks & haven’t gotten to hear the message. I finally realized that although my reason for attending the church has always been to praise Jesus, it just feels like the last few weeks I have accomplished that. I go to church on Sunday morning, not to receive a blessing…although I usually do, not to be a blessing…although I hope I am, not to see my church family…although I love to see them, not to learn…although I always do, not to teach…although I try, but to fully and completely worship and praise my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! Everything else is simply a bonus!

…I actually wrote this awhile back but Sunday will always hold a special place in my heart. I know in all the uncertainty in the world and the storm that we are facing that I won’t be worshipping in the same place for the next few Sundays but I will still be worshipping. And although the worship service will not be the same, it will still be special. I will praise Him in this storm! I will still be worshipping the same amazing God that has healed my wounds, answered my prayers, and loves me with a love greater than my human mind can even comprehend. Nothing can stop His love for me and nothing can stop me from praising Him because the church is not walls and windows. WE ARE THE CHURCH! And if we can’t be the church outside of the walls and windows, then we can’t be the church inside of them!

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