The Correct Change…Thought for the Day…

Why do so many people get upset when their spouse changes? Of course they are going to change. If they didn’t there would be a problem because life certainly changes. People have to be able and willing to change or what is already a difficult life on this earth would be unbearable. My hubby and I have both changed. When we married, we had no children, we weren’t Christians, we had few responsibilities, and we loved each other. Today we have God, our girls, many more responsibilities, we love each other even more, and we are happier than we could have ever imagined. Without change, we wouldn’t have forgiveness or salvation. And without God, I don’t even want to imagine where we’d be. The correct change results in growth. Growth in love, growth in respect, growth in a family bond, but most importantly, growth in a everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

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