In Case of Emergency… thought for the day…

If you’ve ever flown, you know that when the flight attendant goes through the little safety demonstration, you are advised that in an emergency, you are to put your oxygen mask on before helping anyone else. They tell us this because if there was an emergency, we are only helpful to others if we have taken the appropriate precautions to help ourselves first. We can’t help out anyone else if we pass out because we failed to first put our own mask on. God wants us to spread His word and plant seeds but He doesn’t want us to get so busy doing this that we fail to grow in Him. We can (&should) tell a million people of His love for us, but how well can we do that if we aren’t learning & growing in Christ ourselves? How can we help others if we aren’t first infused with the Holy Spirit? That way, you can show God’s love to many instead of using up all of our oxygen on one.

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