Don’t Open That Door…Thought for the day.

Yesterday I was reading something I wrote about pride & jealousy. The more I ponder it, the more I think that unmerited jealousy is actually fear. If we live in fear that someone we love might hurt us…it’s most likely because someone in our past hurt us. And out of some sort of self preservation, our instinct is to lash out at others before they have a chance to hurt us. But in doing this we are removing God’s protection over our relationship. We’re saying, “God, I don’t trust you to protect my marriage, friendship, relationship, etc.”. Every accusation that we throw is actually us pushing God away. We’re allowing Satan to control our minds and our actions and we tell ourselves that it’s because we love this person so much. Relationships are hard enough. But when we remove God’s protection from them, we leave them open for Satan to slip in. WE open the door. Nobody else. Just us. By not trusting God, and instead trusting ourself & fooling ourself into believing that our actions are warranted, we have left our relationship vulnerable to Satan’s attacks. And he will attack. Every time we level an accusation, he attacks. Every time we allow our tempers to flare in a jealous rage, he attacks. Every time we lash out because of our own insecurities, he attacks. Every time we take our past out on our present, he attacks. We are all broken. If we don’t forgive and forget those in our past, then we allow Satan to control our future. The bible tells us 365 times to have no fear so I’m pretty sure God is serious about it. Let go of the fear, jealousy, and pride and trust God to cover and bless your relationship. And don’t open that door!

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