Attitude and Gratitude…thought for the day.

I realize that I expect a lot from my kids. I also realize that when I’m frustrated about their behavior or attitude that they are still better behaved than a lot of kids. I realize they’re not perfect and that they’re going to mess up. I realize that most parents allow their kids more lead way than I do when it comes to language, sarcasm, and sassing and that what I consider bad behavior, most parents wouldn’t. And I realize that in the broad scope of things, my kids are awesome and what little trouble I have out of them at home, at least their behavior is really good everywhere else. I realize all of this. But I also realize that God has entrusted me to prepare them for life. It is my responsibility to teach them to be kind, respectful, grateful, and to follow instruction. It is my responsibility to teach them to obey those who are in authority unless those in authority are trying to harm them. It is my responsibility to teach them everything that I can until I can no longer teach. Jesus was teaching His disciples right up until He was arrested and crucified. So why on earth would I ever assume that my kids know how to make right decisions when there are still so many things to teach them?

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