Prayer for the day…

Dear Lord, there are people all over this world hurting. There are families mourning the loss of loved ones. There are people suffering from physical, sexual, & mental abuse. There are children that are going to bed tonight hungry & cold. There are some that have made so many bad decisions that they can’t see a way out. There are people who have have been hurt by those they trusted & have hardened their hearts. There are those fighting health battles. There are those, who although they know deep inside their hearts that You are real, have grown up in a world full of people who tell them that You’re not. So many tragedies and You know each and every person who is going thru those tragedies. So today I pray for comfort, healing, peace, love, forgiveness, and that each and every heart that has been hardened by the things of the world would be softened to allow Your mercy and grace to seep in. I pray that tomorrow, as people wake up, instead of looking to news or social media for answers of what’s going on, that they will begin their day with You asking for eyes to see the best in people, ears to hear only what concerns them, tongues to glorify rather than justify, arms to extend a helping hand, and hearts that are filled with Your love. And in everything that we do, I pray that we do it all for Your glory and in all thankfulness to you. Amen.

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