Walk the Line…thought for the day…

We all walk a moral line. Sometimes we veer off, we may even change lines, but nonetheless, we walk a line. The question is, whose line are we walking? Are we walking the line set by our parents? One set by our school? Maybe it’s one set by our government and law enforcement. Or are we trying our best to walk God’s line? If all the different lines we could choose, there is only one that never changes. Every other line can change. Laws change, rules change, opinions & attitudes change, but God’s word doesn’t. Other lines may run parallel, cross over, or even run along with God’s for a short time, but at some point, the other lines will go in their own direction. And God’s line is the only one that will lead you to Him. So when you’re deciding what moral line you want to walk, you need to realize that although there are lots of good lines that may take you on a lovely journey, they won’t get you anywhere. Only Jesus can get you on the right path and keep you there. Even when you make a mis-step, He will reach out & give you a hand to steady you.

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