Sonshine & Rain…thought for the day…

After a few cloudy days, I’m ready for some sunshine. After a few more I feel like the sun is never going to shine again & I’m sick & tired of mud. It makes a mess of my floors. It’s a pain to put on mud boots every time I have to walk across the yard. It gets to the point that every step takes so much effort because my boots stick in the mud & I have to get unstuck before I can move forward. It’s pretty easy to lose your footing and next thing you know, you’ve fallen & are covered in mud. But even through all of this, and even though you haven’t seen the sunshine in days, you know that the sun is up there. It’s just blocked from your view. Sometimes we let things get between us and God and it blocks Him from our view. It’s not that He’s not there. It’s just that we’ve let the storm clouds of life get between us & Him. And then the next thing you know we have allowed so much sin into our life that we’re bogging down in it until we don’t think we can move forward. But even when it’s the darkest and we’ve lost all traction and fallen to our knees in the sin we’ve allowed into our life, all we have to do is ask the Son to shine into our lives and He will.

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