Sentenced to Death….thought for the day…

I’ve been thinking about a woman I know. By the time she was around 12 or 13 she was sentenced to death. Not for any horrific crime. She was guilty of many offenses but nothing serious. She actually considered herself to be a pretty good person overall. Problem was, it was all of her own doing. She actually CHOSE the death penalty. She was approached many, many times and given the option of having her entire record wiped clean and start fresh. Each time she simply ignored the request. You would think there was some sort of catch for her to turn down the offer each time but there wasn’t. As the years rocked on & she inched closer to the point that her sentence would be carried out, she was once again approached and offered freedom and to have her entire past record wiped clean. This time she accepted. She asked the One offering, what it was she had to do for such a gift. Especially since she had made so many mistakes, forgiveness was completely undeserved and she had so foolishly turned it down so many times. He simply said, “Just follow Me.” I was that woman and I chose Jesus over death. I don’t know how many times Jesus would have offered to expunge my record and release me from the prison that I had put myself in…nobody knows. All I know is that I’m so thankful I accepted His gift before my sentence could be carried out. We are all headed to the exact same fate…sentenced to death for the same crime of unbelief….until we choose to follow Him.

One thought on “Sentenced to Death….thought for the day…

  1. I woke up this morning thinking of all kinds of things that I have to do today, and rolled over and went back to sleep. lol
    Now, that I have drank my first cup of Joe I am almost ready to jump in the shower and get this day started. But first my thoughts have to go on paper or I may forget them, and they will be gone forever in the fog between my ears.
    I spoke to my boss. yesterday about having to do some important things and apparently some people that work hard and show up for work everyday get something called vacation or sick time, who knew? So, evidently I am on vacation. Yahooooo!
    In our lives we have certain people that offer their opinions or advice, pretty freely and if your lucky pretty honestly. The delivery isn’t always pretty and tied in a bow. Sometimes it is brutal and painful. If your lucky it is because people love, trust and care about you.
    I have heard things like you need to trim your nose hair. Or you might be better off if you keep quiet more often. Once, I heard someone tell me something about their own personal life that I was shocked about. It is still very painful every time I think of it because I am powerless over their situation, unless I want to go to jail or worse prison. So.the only thing I can do, a lot of the times is pray. Pray for myself, pray for them and pray some more for myself.
    Today, I am taking some of that advice and changing my life. I had a traffic ticket from years ago that I did absolutely nothing about. I shoved it in a memory box and forgot about it. Well, it has been haunting me ever since. I have to enroll in school, go to D.M.V a few times and boom it is done. Well, all that cost money and time off work. I prayed and prayed then I finally got off my but and made a few calls. I am going today on my vacation day.
    So when someone tells you to triim your nose hair remember they love and care for you..Keep putting one foot in front of the other and just do it. That is my advice, lol.
    I know I will be one happy girl at the end of this day. No! I can honestly say I am one happy girl now because I know this morning I am putting in my best effort and I am trying, that is all we can really do is try.
    Have a great day!

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