The Cost of Faith… Thought for the day…

What does our faith cost us? Once upon a time I had no problem telling someone at a ticket booth that my child was a different age to save a dollar.  I saved a lot of time by paying bills while I was at work instead of at home. Oh! And just think of all that extra time I had on Sunday morning because I didn’t “have to” get up & go to church…not to mention all that money of “mine” that I saved by not tithing.  So my faith has cost me some money here & there…..well actually it hasn’t! Since we accepted Christ & started tithing we are in better financial shape than we’ve ever been. Mainly because we realized that we have nothing. Anything we are blessed with comes straight from God.  He is just entrusting it to us. So my faith hasn’t really cost me any money. But surely it has cost me time. Actually no! It hasn’t even cost me time. You see…because Christ shed His blood on the cross…I now have everlasting life! So when you really look at it….it’s not faith that costs.  It’s the lack or faith that has the big price tag hanging from it.

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