Mayberry Wisdom – Thought for the day…

Thought for the day.  My husband was watching Andy Griffith this morning.  It was about a spoiled little boy. Andy made a comment that basically if we don’t teach children to live in society then they’re never going to make it in the real world.  On that episode, there was one spoiled brat but all the other kids were good. Somehow today’s society has managed to flip-flop that & now the brats outnumber the good kids.  Unfortunately on occasion mine can be included in the majority. We all want our kids to have more than we did but are we also teaching them to appreciate it? Are we teaching them that all things are a blessing from God?  Are we teaching them that misbehavior yields consequences? I would never ever want to be a teacher…not so much because of the kids…but because of the parents that have the “my kid can do no wrong” attitude. ALL kids can do wrong.  My kids do wrong. But at least my kids know that when they do wrong, they will not only have to deal with punishment at school, they will have to deal with it at home. I’m not here to be their buddy or to be the cool mom. I am here to teach then right from wrong…to show them how to be thankful….and to hopefully equip them for life.  And my most important job is to instill in them the love of Jesus Christ. If I don’t do that, then I have failed as a parent.

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