Blessed…not lucky. Thought for the day….

It’s all about perception…or is it? I picked up some slap bracelets for my girls at the dollar store about a few years ago. They’re those straight stick looking things that when you slap them on your wrist, they curl around it. They came 3 in a package. When I got home I discovered that 2 packages had been rolled up together. So the next day when I was in town again I stopped by the dollar store and left the extra package. My daughters thought it was odd because we had “lucked out” and gotten 2 packages for the price of 1.  Well first of all, we are blessed…not lucky and something that is obtained dishonestly will not be blessed by God, but that’s a thought for another day… So I explained to them that regardless of how the packages had gotten stuck together that we only paid for one of them and to keep the other would have been stealing. Unfortunately not everyone perceives things this way. How many would say, “It’s only a dollar.”? How many would justify it because they think they’ve been overcharged for something before? How many would consider themselves “lucky” because they got a bargain? But what would those same people say, if the tables were turned, and they were the ones selling 2 separate items, and someone took both but only paid for one? Would that then be considered dishonest? It might be a matter of perception but whose perception? Perhaps if we worried a little more about God’s perception of us, then we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else’s.

Blessed…not lucky.

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