Prayer for flood victims…

This is actually a prayer that I prayed 6 years ago as the community that I live in suffered a horrible flooding tragedy. Now I ask that you all pray this prayer for all those along the Arkansas River who are experiencing tragic flooding…

Lord…once again I find myself wondering why but still knowing that You are with us. You are in a community that comes together in times of crisis. You are in the rescue workers giving them the strength they need it to search for hours. You are in the families of those missing, keeping their hope alive and comforting the families of those that have gone home to You. You are in the hearts of everyone who has prayed for Your mercy and grace. And You are in every tear shed out of compassion for all affected. You are here beside us on a sunny day and You carry us during the storms. I pray that You wrap Your loving arms of comfort around those who are suffering tonight. I praise You in the sunshine and I will praise You in the storm. All glory be to God. Amen.

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