Get Over It…Thought for the day…

I was reading a story the other day about a flight attendant that was supposed to be on a flight that crashed. He and a coworker had traded shifts. He was riddled with guilt because his coworker had perished in his place. It made me think about how horrible I would feel if I asked someone to take my place, and in doing so, lost their life. It’s something that I don’t think anyone would ever ‘get over’.

Or would we?

That very thing has happened to all of us.

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus took our place. And unlike the flight attendant who had no idea what his fate would be, Jesus knew exactly what His future held. He knew He would be beaten, stripped, a crown of thrones, not placed, but viciously crammed onto His head, and His already bloody body, nailed to a cross where He was left to painfully bleed to death. He knew all of this. And yet He still volunteered to take our place.

My prayer for you this Easter Sunday, is that you never ‘get over’ the punishment that Jesus took in our place. Our sins put Him on the cross…but love kept Him there.

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