Don’t forget the Sonscreen… Thought for the Day…

Photo by Toni Van De Wiele

~ Thought for the Day ~

I don’t sunburn easily. So when we’re at the beach…which isn’t as often as I’d like… I put off applying sunscreen…even though I know that I should put it on right away. Maybe I’ll put it on after I’ve swam or looked for seashells a little while. But then I have to wait until after I dry off. And of course I don’t want to put it on until after I help the girls build sandcastles because that will just make the sand stick even more. And besides…I’ve been out here all day and I’m not even red yet. It’s not until it’s too late that I realize that I burned. It’s kind of like that in our relationship with God. We fail to put Him first…even though we know that we should….but we’ve just been so busy lately. Maybe when life slows down we’ll have time to study our bible. I know I shouldn’t be gossiping, but this is “just between us”.  Maybe I’ll miss church this Sunday but only because “I really need to catch up on a few things”. I’m just too tired to pray right now…I’ll do it later. And before we know it, we’ve strayed away from God. And once it’s too late…there’s not enough Aloe Vera in the world to cure that burn.

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