Don’t Be the “I”….Thought for the day.

Pride. It’s been said the center of pride is “I”. We all have it. I’ve seen it destroy marriages. I’ve seen it tear families apart. I’ve seen it split churches. I’ve seen it divide nations. It’s the attitude that, “I’m right no matter the cost!” But when you look back at some of the best people in your life, you will usually see that the reason that they were good was because they were also humble. Even when you’re right, you can be the rightest of rights but if you go about being right the wrong way…you’re wrong. THE best…the only…sinless man, could have stood up and yelled to the world that He was right and that everyone else was sinners, and that the only way to get to heaven was to believe in Him! But instead He died for them….for us. We all have pride, but the question is, does pride have us?

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