Pulling Weeds…thought for the day…

Photo by Toni VanDeWiele

If you’ve ever worked in a garden or in flower beds, you’ve inevitably had to deal with weeds. What I have noticed is that where there are more weeds, it’s a lot harder to pull them out. They not only root, but all the roots as become tangled & inner-twined. The areas that are tended to regularly have fewer weeds and are easily pulled and tilled. Once as I was working on a particularly rough area that I had neglected for awhile, I became irritated at myself for letting it get so bad. I had simply allowed myself to get so busy that the weeds were trying to take over and if that had happened, we would have either had to give up completely or start all over on our garden. Fortunately, after several hours, it was all back under control. But how often do we get so busy with the things of this world that we don’t even notice when sin starts taking root in our life? And before we know it, the roots have tangled and what would have been easily removed has now turned into a messy, time consuming, problem that we either have to face head on or risk having the weeds take over. Don’t put God on the back burner. Don’t allow sin to take over and choke out the good fruit-bearing plants that God has placed in your life. Because it’s a whole lot easier to pull a few weeds than it is to start all over.

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