Smart Armor…Thought for the Day…

There are smart phones, smart cars, and smart houses. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could walk around every day wearing a smart armor? Something that would protect our bodies, minds, and hearts. Something that would allow us to move freely but still fully protect us from the evils of this world? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a smart armor? An armor…dare I say…of God? A helmet that would protect our minds by keeping them focused on Him and to hold the knowledge that we receive from His Word. A shield to guard us from Satan’s attacks. A belt to carry the tools that we would need for any situation. A breastplate to protect our hearts. The Bible to serve as our sword to slay evil with the truth of God. And shoes that would always keep us on the path to righteousness. Wow! Wouldn’t a “smart armor” be awesome?!? Well…we have one! But we have to put forth enough effort to put it on. We have everything we could ever need…if we would only prepare ourself. God has provided the armor. Now are we smart enough to put it on?

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